"Enable entrepreneurship

and enhance employablility 

for women and youth." 

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School of Vocational Skills

The School for Vocational skills and Placements (V-School) works with Youth of 18 – 35 years belonging to the poorest of the poorest families identified and selected through field surveys and house to house visits.V–School training addresses the identified needs of markets and trains and builds capacities of women and youth as per the employable industry requirements, providing an opportunity for the employer to recruit skilled and qualified candidates and job seekers with potential employment opportunities.

Sakhi Sasal Enterprise Network This organization first updates the needs of the family by reaching families of poor and needy families in rural and urban areas. Educated youths aware about opportunities for employment and make them skilled by understanding the importance of skill.

Initially these young people are gathered information about their education, skill, knowledge and desire. Later, according to his wishes, he is advised of proper skill.

Except for the present and the future, young people are made aware. What is the focus of the future and how it should be done is given in the special workshop.

  • Mobilization
  • Induction
  • Training
  • On Job Training
  • Placement
  • Post Placement Support