"Enable entrepreneurship

and enhance employablility 

for women and youth." 

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Sakhi Social Enterprise Network (SSEN) was established by Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP), a learning and development organization through ‘self-education for empowerment’, bringing women and communities from the margin to the mainstream of development. The organization seeds entrepreneurship among underserved segments of society, through awareness, training and skill building programs.

Sustainability through self-reliance is SSEN’s watchword. Sakhi Social Enterprise Network runs two flagship programs that empower local communities to develop vocational skill sets and inculcate in rural women a spirit of entrepreneurship.

Currently operational in about 5 districts of Maharashtra, 2 districts of Gujrat, Tamil Nadu and Bihar. SSEN encourages women and trains them in setting up micro-business initiatives through its School for Rural Entrepreneurship – a (E-School) program, and provides viable job skills to youth and women who belong to the low-income group through its School for Vocational Training and Placements (V-School) Program.

Through its E-School program SSEN has trained over 6780 women and 1765 women and youth through its V-School program.

About us

SSEN is a nonprofit entity, focused on creating women entrepreneurs and generating employment opportunities for women and youth through entrepreneurship education and vocational skill building programs. 

SSEN has been Incorporated Under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956, U93000MH2009NPL192241 on May 7, 2009.

Target Group

Working with grassroots women SSEN provides training and handholding support to women within various levels of skills and risk taking abilities through its School of Rural Entrepreneurship (E-School) program.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs – Majority of women in villages are engaged in farming activities and do not have any exposure neither orientation regarding entrepreneurship, women account as the largest group within the target beneficiaries.

First Generation Entrepreneurs – Women who are taking the plunge into entrepreneurship for the first time. They are motivated but wary of risk and are looking for quick success to reaffirm their decision to become entrepreneurs

Successful Entrepreneurs – High performing women entrepreneurs who are an inspiration to others. The entrepreneurs are motivated to create and grow enterprises. They are the dynamos capable of generating growth enterprises that profoundly impact local economies. Their enterprises create jobs and economic activity benefiting other enterprises.